Allison Pierce, CIRS Director of IHS Coordinated Transportation

The Institute for Human Services (IHS)  Coordinated Transportation Services/Volunteer Program makes it possible for those without transportation to access medical care.  Allison Pierce, Director of Coordinated Transportation, and her team, rely on dedicated volunteers using their own personal vehicles. The volunteers  provide non-emergency transportation for a variety of clients – making it possible for those without transportation to access medical care – area doctors, dentists, clinics, and hospitals. The program also helps people obtain necessities – trips to grocery stores and food pantries, trips to human services agencies enabling them to access vital benefit programs. All scheduling for these trips revolves around the personal schedules of their volunteers.

In addition to managing their Medicaid funded NEMT transportation, Allison’s team manages and schedules transportation for case managers at the Steuben County Department of Social Services – which employs a separate 5-driver team.

Prior to using QRyde, all volunteers and rides were  coordinated manually, via spreadsheet. Allison’s team had to contend with a time consuming process, with  lots of room for wasted time, resources, and human error. Due to the large number of clients served and the available resources, IHS needed a solution that would allow them to streamline both scheduling and dispatching via two completely different paths: volunteer drivers and paid Social Services drivers.

The HBSS  technical team was called upon to fully customize one scheduling and dispatching  system which supports these two separate transportation models at the same time.  Allison says of the process, “HBSS has saved us so much time on scheduling and dispatching. They are great to work with and took the time to understand our needs and revamped the system to meet those needs.”

Fast forward to 2017 – IHS completed 15,536 transports using 66 different drivers! Allison’s team has learned to use the system with ease,. They have seen staggering improvements in time and resource management by being able to simply add trips to existing client profiles rather than starting from scratch each time. Pulling reports and compiling vital data is also a cinch!

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