Health Department of Meerut, India

Eco-Friendly Waste Management with QRyde

The Health Department of Meerut (HDM) recently took an initiative with QRyde technology to better the health and safety of its residents. Tracking, monitoring, and scheduling capabilities for the waste management department are now updated to ensure that all 166 of the city’s waste disposal vehicles are managed in the safest, most sustainable, and most cost-effective manner.

Meerut says goodbye to pencil-and-paper operations, and hello to environmental sustainability with QRyde’s cloud-based software solution.

QRyde’s Auto-Scheduling program is powered by sophisticated proprietary heuristic assignment algorithms to account for geography, traffic, driver history, and fuel consumption when determining the most optimal driving routes. Schedules are calculated to ensure maximum efficiency and environmental sustainability. Not only that, but QRyde’s Auto-Scheduling drastically reduces the administrative workload, thereby allowing for more attention to be spent on different business projects. Managers are kept up-to-date with vehicle progress and given ample warning if deviations from schedule occur.

Auto-Scheduling works hand-in-hand with QRyde’s Location Tracking Module—a program that monitors the real-time locations of vehicles throughout the day using  geo-fencing technology to:

  1. a) supervise driver behavior
  2. b) monitor fuel consumption
  3. c) provide data for more accurate wage disbursement.

Information collected by Location Tracking is then analyzed by the Auto-Scheduling program in a series of reports and also to provide Meerut with the assurance that vehicles reach collection destinations on time.

Upgrading to QRyde technology was part business strategy and part environmental responsibility to reduce fuel consumption and C02 emissions. As for the municipality of Meerut, the residents will enjoy improved air quality and better waste management going into the future – thanks to QRyde’s and HDM’s dedication to improving both business and the environment.


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