Jaipur Dairy - Rajasthan, India

Jaipur Dairy Upgrades to QRydeTracker™

Jaipur Dairy, located in the capital of India’s Rajasthan state, is yet another of QRyde’s many international clients. Before QRyde, recurring problems with theft, untimely deliveries, and inefficient scheduling were impediments to business expansion.

QRyde was the one-stop solution to all of these issues!

Customized specifically for the needs of Jaipur Dairy, QRyde’s History Replay Module allows close supervision of driver activities. Data is organized online, allowing administrative staff to rewatch any trip at a later time, reducing incidents of reckless driving and malpractice. As an added benefit, QRyde allows for more accurate wage disbursement based upon trip data which encourages productivity, while also cutting costs.

Geo-fencing location technology provides administrators with daily trip summaries to supervise every step of the driver’s journey. Customized notifications assure that deliveries happen on schedule and provide warning of potential delays. Most importantly, real-time monitoring of driver location and on-time performance prevents the theft and adulteration of milk. Drivers are accountable, administrators are updated, and milk is delivered on time to happy customers.

QRyde’s Daily Trip Summaries and QRyde Analytical Reports provide Jaipur Dairy with the information they need to be organized. Data for traffic, geography, and fuel consumption are also analyzed by QRyde’s cutting-edge proprietary heuristic algorithms to schedule the best, most efficient routes automatically. Daily trips are now optimized to be quick and cost-efficient, allowing administrators and supervisors the time and freedom to invest in profitable business expansion opportunities.

Jaipur Dairy understood that a centralized cloud-based logistics system was necessary to grow and maintain a successful business in the modern age. The old paper-based, manual accounting and scheduling was no longer efficient nor cost-effective. Thanks to QRyde, business operations at Jaipur Dairy are now simplified, secured, and cost-effective.

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