Karren Sondrini, Director CICOA Way2Go

Senior Transportation Made Easy with QRyde

CICOA Aging and In-Home Solutions (CICOA) is a not-for-profit agency that provides services to senior citizens, people with disabilities, and family caregivers throughout Central Indiana. Karren Sondrini, the Director of CICOA’s “Way2Go” program to provide transportation for residents with mobility constraints, teamed up with HBSS to update CICOA’s scheduling, accounting, and dispatching systems. Karren requested a solution that would reduce the managerial burden, simplify financial transactions, and improve the client experience.

QRyde’s cloud-based solution addressed all of these concerns and more!

First, QRyde’s Fare Management Portal simplifies fare reimbursement, fare collection, and the management of financial reports. All reports for local government and for agency operations are organized in a single management information system. Additionally, QRyde’s automated scheduling system assigns rides to vehicles without the need for time-consuming manual input. This reduces CICOA administrators’ workload, allowing them to dedicate more time to business expansion or improving the customer experience.

Second, QRyde replaced the paper-based and labor-intensive taxi voucher system with a digital one. Clients simply present their farecard to the driver when they board the vehicle, which records trip data to be analyzed by CICOA at a later point. This allows the program to be data-driven and customers enjoy the most convenient ride possible.

Of course, the QRyde platform comes with many additional benefits, including disaster recovery, real time support, a mobile app, issue tracking, and data security. QRyde provides online training for CICOA staff on how best to maximize each of these many features.

QRyde’s partnership with Karren Sondrini and CICOA Way2Go continues to be a success. Thanks to our software, CICOA’s daily operations are simplified and streamlined. For hundreds of people, trips to the doctor, pharmacist, physical therapy, and grocery store are made more convenient and accessible. QRyde’s accounting and management system provides CICOA with the best tools to take care of their residents.  


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