Marlene Vinson, Director Swain County Transit

Energizing Entire Regions with QRyde

The Director of Swain County Transit, Marlene Vinson, knew that her operations needed an  upgrade. In order to uphold their mission to “encourage and promote the development of a safe, efficient, and affordable transportation system that meets the mobility needs of all Swain County citizens” it was necessary to modernize with next-generation technology. Over three years ago, Marlene partnered with other agencies in southwestern North Carolina to add QRyde’s scheduling and dispatching system to her operations.

The next step: creating an integrated transportation network with Swain County’s sister agencies for better regional coordination. Previously, when residents required long-distance trips that would be too costly for Swain County to handle on their own, Marlene would try to share rides with neighboring providers over the phone–a typically time-consuming task. Now thanks to QRyde, all coordination and communication is streamlined through the online platform. Swain County is better equipped to work with Macon, Jackson, Haywood, and Clay counties to ensure that all residents have the ability to get where they need to go. Rides can be delegated, received, or split with partner agencies in order to arrange the most convenient and cost-effective trip.

Now Swain County is part of a larger mobility system that allows them to broaden their capabilities and operate without boundaries. Thanks to QRyde, transportation in southwest North Carolina is arranged in a centralized, collaborative, and efficient mobility network. This means more reliable and convenient transportation services for the people who need it.


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