Renee Koll, Lead Dispatcher Cape Anne Transit Authority

Needing to find a new transportation software solution, as theirs was soon to be obsolete, Renee and her team at Cape Ann Transit Authority (CATA) turned to the QRyde platform powered by HBSS, to help optimize and streamline all their transit operations .

With 8+ drivers providing over 125 daily, door-to-door trips, AND the management of a fixed-route service on Cape Ann they needed something robust and agile while also being easy to learn and use on a day-to-day basis. One of the largest drains on her time and productivity was scheduling: Renee used to take up to 2 hours to pull together the daily schedule! Additionally, CATA was unable to accommodate same-day requests. When mistakes were made, they often found themselves scrambling to shuffle the existing schedule around in order to make sure their customers successfully got to their destinations.

Enter – QRyde!

Learning to use the system was a breeze, and using it has meant huge time savings. Instead of taking 2 hours, Renee is now able to complete her daily scheduling in 20 minutes or less. Additionally, she and her team at CATA have been able to easily accommodate same day requests without needing to increase capacity.

Today, CATA has a better than 99%  on-time performance record and each booking call takes an average of 15 seconds or less to enter into the program! Renee’s team is able to find the information they need, quickly and seamlessly – allowing the team to feel pride in the improvements in the level of service they are providing to their members. “It’s so important for us to know precisely which riders are being picked up at exactly what time. We could not meet these expectations without these programs.”

HBSS is proud to be able to team up with CATA to realize these amazing efficiency and customer service improvements. Our customers trust that we will be there to support them in their mission and continue to be a leader in the field of transportation technology.


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