Tom Connors, President & CEO American Training

QRyde helps American Training deliver WOW Magic, Tom Connors, President & CEO

At American Training, we believe in “Bringing out the best in everyone we touch because every life matters!” QRyde, powered by HB Software Solutions (HBSS), helps us deliver on that promise. From the moment a Guest gets on one of our 90 vans, QRyde software gives us easy answers to questions about who is on the van, where they are, and when they will arrive. Additionally, half our van fleet is equipped with QRyde ePads that can show a dispatcher the van’s live location while recording mileage and when each of our 200 Guests per day gets on or off. Using ePads lets us provide a little more peace of mind to reassure family and caregivers who might call for an update if the weather is bad. Some of your Guests ride more calmly because they see a predictable pattern of pick-ups and drop-offs. Knowing what will happen next and that the right people are on the van makes for a better day all around.

American Training is a regional provider of services for people with a wide range of needs. Thirty-five years ago, providing transportation for Guests was a differentiator that made American Training unique. We continue to provide transportation so Guests can fully participate in work and community life. Since our beginnings, American Training has grown to four locations and 16 group homes serving Guests and Residents from 26 towns from Cambridge to the New Hampshire border and Westford to Newburyport at the coast.

When paper and pencil were no longer adequate for managing American Training’s transportation resources, HBSS saved the day with an on-line solution for scheduling and tracking vehicles. American Training and HB Software Solutions is a real partnership – working together, we applied for and obtained grants for the first QRyde ePads. The ePads record van mileage (over 800,000 miles per year), who is picked-up, and when and where they are dropped off. Additionally, the collected trip data supports billing in order to validate both program and transportation attendance.

Live data collected for each van, equipped with an ePad, lets us compare projected and actual costs. QRyde Reports make it much easier to see utilization data for each van including the number of in-service and stand-by hours. The QRyde product helps American Training control costs while delivering high quality programs for our Guests and Residents. QRyde is a vital part of our transportation operations. HBSS understands our transportation needs and continues to provide support for our future business growth.

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