Special Education

QRyde for Special Education™ is the most expansive routing solution that caters to the unique transportation requirements of special needs children and their safety.

QRyde for Special Education helps management companies manage scheduling of rides for special needs children across multiple school districts from one web-based system enabling them to grow business at a fast clip.

Special Education Managers and case workers can use QRyde to manage school routes, foster children, early-release, and charter trips with real-time tracking to improve student safety while keeping educators, parents, and monitors informed of the location of all students at all times.

QRyde utilizes proprietary group scheduling algorithms to easily create efficient routes for elementary, middle and high school students while increasing service levels by ensuring routes are fully optimized which reduces the total on-board time of special needs students

QRyde enables Special Education staff to screen special needs drivers to ensure they have what it takes to help these students prosper.

QRyde’s key features for Special Education include:

  • Scheduling and Dispatching Module provides transportation schedulers and Special Education managers an advanced tool to better schedule their routes and manage day to day transportation operations efficiently.
  • GPS Tracking allows Special Education Managers the ability to track vehicles and students with accuracy in order to ensure safety for all students.
  • Smartphone App allows parents and monitors to track door to door pick up and and drop off of their special needs students to help decrease wait times.

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They are not just interested in selling a product, but rather, helping to create ongoing solutions for operations management as the needs of our agency changes. They have been flexible in responding to our request for customization and have always provided us with onsite support and development.

Fred Roberge
VP of Transportation, Easter Seals, Manchester, NH

K-12 Education

QRyde for Education™ is the most versatile cloud-based technology solution that is based on student safety and accurate billing.

Transportation Managers can utilize QRyde’s real-time tracking technology to not only improve student safety but also to build efficiencies in their operations by better routing and better resource management resulting in saving time and money.

QRyde enables Transportation staff to automate scheduling and data management – upload driver information, student databases, payment information and more in minutes removing mundane, manual data entry tasks that are prone to error.

QRyde’s innovative, on-line transaction management technology allows school districts to reconcile vehicle miles and driver hours as per the contract and then generate vendor invoices for payments.

Our web-based payment portal can be acquired as a licensed software or as a subscription service making it affordable for even the smallest school systems deploying buses for students.

QRyde’s key features for Education include:

  • Scheduling and Dispatching Module provides transportation schedulers and managers an advanced tool to better schedule their routes and manage their day to day transportation operations efficiently.
  • Reporting and Dashboard allows Transportation Managers and School Districts the ability to track every process from schedule planning, student pick up and drop off to billing and payment.
  • Vendor Payment System enables School Districts to reimburse Vendors faster than typical funding agencies offering them the incentive to take additional business.
  • Mobile Data Solutions provide tablet-based, real time dispatching capabilities on our cloud platform to make your operations more efficient and transparent resulting in better outcome management.

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Higher Education

QRyde for Higher Education™ is the most comprehensive campus transportation solution that is based on advanced vehicle tracking technology and Global Scheduling Engine for dynamic route planning.

Campus Administrators can use QRyde to better manage their fleets and that of their 3rd party providers to increase the availability of transportation to students in normal and off-hours.

QRyde ensures higher student safety standards through real-time tracking and text notifications allowing riders advanced notice of ETAs at their bus stops. This reduces waiting outside in inclement weather.

QRyde utilizes automated route management to optimize routes and create dynamic routes based on real-time requests from students.

QRyde offers the ability to create GTFS files enabling clients to publish trip data to Google Transit.

QRyde’s key features for  Postsecondary Institutions include:

  • QRyde Cloud allows Vendors to perform all business functions, streamlining processes and virtually eliminating all paper transactions.
  • QRyde Vendor Payment System enables University Administrators to accurately reconcile vehicle miles and driver hours to electronically pay the vendors.
  • QRyde SmartPhone App enables riders to access bus information, set up alerts, and scan their phones to pay for out of campus trips. They can also book on-demand ride requests.
  • BusBeats allows riders to subscribe to receive mobile notification of when a bus will arrive at specific locations. This capability allows students and staff to optimize their time and not hang around waiting for the bus.

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