Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) Brokers

QRyde for Brokerage™ is the most comprehensive cloud-based technology solution that is based on dynamic rate management and competitive vendor bidding.

Brokers can utilize QRyde to bid on contracts on a PMPM basis, Per Ride basis, Capitated rate or any other rate structure.

QRyde enables broker staff to manage on-demand, future date, and recurring transportation requests in the most cost-effective manner.

QRyde utilizes proprietary learning algorithms to analyze past vendor behavior, performance and capacity to determine the best qualified and cost-effective vendors for rides.

QRyde integrates with most of the ride-hailing/TNC solutions.

QRyde’s key features for Brokers include:

  • QRyde Cloud allows vendors to perform all Broker business functions, streamlining processes and virtually eliminating all paper transactions.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) handles around 1500 calls per day and can perform trip review, trip cancellation, PT1 review, standing order extension, and client call-out management.
  • Vendor Payment System enables Brokers to reimburse vendors faster than typical funding agencies offering them the incentive to take additional business from the Broker.
  • Consumer SmartPhone App allows consumers to access ride information, review trips, cancel trips, review PT1, extend standing order, record complaints, and book on-demand rides.

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Since 1998, when HBSS first started working with us, they have evolved into an enterprise class software provider. A unique capability of HBSS is that they work very closely with our operational managers and iteratively develop our software to solve real problems that lead to significant labor savings.

Mohammed Khan, Administrator
Montachusett Area Regional Transit Authority, Fitchburg MA

Commercial Transportation Providers

QRyde for Providers™ is the most advanced cloud-based technology solution that is based on intelligent pricing models and real-time automated scheduling.

Providers can search for new business on the QRyde Community Marketplace and bid on appropriate projects.

QRyde enables the providers to automate trip downloads from brokers, automate scheduling, track drivers and vehicles, and automate billing and eligibility verification in the most cost-effective manner.

QRyde utilizes proprietary scheduling algorithms to analyze geography, time requirements, mobility constraints, and available seats to determine the most optimal assignment for every ride.

QRyde enables owners to discover additional capacity and provide intelligent pricing for attracting additional rides.

QRyde’s key features for Providers include:

  • AVL Mobile Data Solution seamlessly connects dispatchers to drivers so vehicles can be tracked. It also automatically manages cancellations, changes, and the recording of performance data which reduces radio/cellular traffic and increases safety.
  • QRyde Fleet is a powerful OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) tool that enables providers to audit assets and drivers in real-time. It also helps reduce fuel consumption, maintenance bills, and downtime for unscheduled maintenance.
  • No-Show Management Service automates both in-bound and out-bound call requirements helping identify no-shows earlier and create route alternatives quickly, saving time and money.
  • Real-Time Dispatch & Scheduling is a powerful, fully integrated tool to help daily operations run more smoothly.

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This software is a dream! My drivers took about 5 minutes to learn how to use the electronic manifest system. Then they were showing me extra things we could do with it.

Chad Chaudry

Managed Care Organizations

QRyde for MCO™ is the most complete cloud-based technology solution that is based on outcome integrated methodologies and integrated member and provider billing.

QRyde for MCO helps increase transportation coordination for managed care services with its existing call center so as to better integrate transportation availability with its medical outcome management services.

QRyde enables the MCO call center staff to handle transportation requests along with their regular services for on-demand, future date, and recurring transportation requests and to easily assign them to the most suitable transportation vendor.

QRyde utilizes proprietary assignment algorithms to assign the most suitable vendors to rides assuring timely pick up and drop off of patients.

QRyde’s vendor portal provides an online community where vendors can perform all of their business functions and gives MCO’s the capability to effectively manage their vendor network.

QRyde’s key features for MCO’s include:

  • Competitive Bidding is a cost lowering, trip assignment system allowing vendors to be selected based on their rates (which can change quarterly). This enables a marketplace driven pricing model – not artificially set by a company or agency and factoring in real time data – gas prices, density of vendors, weather, urban/rural setting, taxes, liability insurance, prevailing wages, etc.
  • Mobile Data Solutions provide tablet-based real time dispatching capabilities on our cloud platform to make your vendor operations more efficient and transparent resulting in better outcome management.
  • Consumer SmartPhone App enables consumers to track pick-ups and to request rides as well as access ride information, cancel trips, review eligibility, extend standing orders, and report complaints.
  • Sophisticated Data Security protects patient data and ensures that standards of HIPAA and NIST are fully complied. Data is encrypted (at rest and in transit) to protect files and personal information over https protocol.

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Healthcare Facilities

QRyde for Healthcare Facilities™ is the most accessible cloud-based technology solution based on providing efficient services and convenient patient transportation coordination.

Healthcare Facilities can utilize QRyde to provide better patient outcomes and overall population health by improving transportation availability.

QRyde enables Facilities to provide patients with cost-effective, reliable and safe on-demand, future date, and recurring rides minimizing missed appointments.

QRyde utilizes proprietary search algorithms that are based on self-organizing networks, in order to locate the most suitable vendors for their patients.

QRyde can integrate with EHR systems and workflows improving the quality of patient care as well as ensuring profitability.

QRyde’s key features for Healthcare Facilities include:

  • Consumer SmartPhone App enables patients to track pick-ups, request rides, access ride information, cancel trips, review their eligibility, extend standing orders, and report complaints.
  • QRyde Reporting and Dashboard allows Facilities the ability to track every process from administration all the way through to eligibility and billing.
  • Real-Time Dispatch enables Healthcare Facilities to track their patients and vendors for ride accountability and customer assistance.
  • QRyde Online Community provides Healthcare Facilities with a qualified pool of certified vendors. The electronic community enables vendors to provide their credentials and pre-negotiated rates so that fares are predictable.

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Behavioral Support and Developmental Services

QRyde for Behavioral and Developmental Services™ is the most sophisticated cloud-based technology solution that is based on intelligent ride grouping and behavioral constraint management.

Behavioral and Developmental Services Coordinators utilize QRyde to manage all aspects of program based services with easy expansion to more programs and more members.

QRyde enables coordinators to group rides efficiently, set group limits, specify drop-off constraints, select qualified drivers, request monitors, and specify travel time limits.

QRyde utilizes proprietary ride-sharing algorithms that are based on self-organizing networks, in order to group members efficiently while incorporating behavioral constraints and travel criteria set by coordinators.

QRyde offers automated voice calls to notify next of kin and coordinators about impending arrival of the riders

QRyde’s key features for Behavioral and Developmental Support include:

  • QRyde Real-Time Dispatch enables coordinators to track their clients for enhanced safety and security.
  • QRyde Online Community allows developmental and behavioral transportation providers to manage groups, constraints, cost, and travel restrictions electronically.
  • Coordinator SmartPhone App provides coordinators and case workers quick notification and real-time client tracking abilities on their smart phones.
  • QRyde Group Cost Calculator calculates the group costs automatically when members are moved, added, or not transported for a specific date.

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HBSS software evolves as our business needs evolve, and as we apply for new contracts and new projects, HBSS customizes our software to meet the new business requirements set forth in the new contracts.

Lars Keissling
Owner, Keissling Transportation Co, Norfolk MA

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