QRyde Cloud is a BLEEDING EDGE technology that enables transportation providers, funding agencies and transportation coordinators to implement highly efficient, fully integrated and totally dedicated transportation systems that offer safe, reliable, cost-effective transportation.

What is QRyde Cloud?

QRyde Cloud was created to make transportation systems very efficient. With a built-in Artificial Intelligence platform and big data management capabilities, QRyde is a first in class, and best of breed cloud based transportation management system.

It enables independent transportation companies and Government transit systems to optimize current operations, explore new markets, and compete with the newer app technologies and business models.

For agencies that are involved in coordinating rides (brokers, regional coordination systems, hospitals, etc.)  and for communities that hire on-contract coordinators, QRyde Cloud offers app-based ride-booking, call center optimization, competitive bidding options, shared ride cost-sharing and other capabilities to streamline their operations.

QRyde Cloud removes the high-cost-of-technology barrier for communities and providers and its cost-per-ride pricing model beats, by a large margin, the hundreds of thousands of dollars that are needed for optimization of transportation systems.

The QRyde Cloud has been built to help automate transportation systems, in a world flush with big data and super-fast computing. The enormous amount of data available in systems, QRyde Cloud helps in storing it, securing it, and processing it to extract intelligent solutions to every day problems — giving the industry a first in class, and best of breed cloud system. QRyde Cloud gives all that is needed to optimize current operations, explore new markets, and compete with the newer app technologies and business models.

Whether you are transit agency, a commercial transportation provider, an transportation funding agency, a transportation coordinator, an NEMT broker, or an entrepreneur in the transportation industry, QRyde Cloud will unlock your strengths and enable you to provide best in class transportation services for your patrons, in the most cost-effective and sophisticated way.

With QRyde Cloud all stakeholders of transportation systems can perform their entire business functions on one portal. QRyde Cloud provides a layer of functions including client profile management, ride booking, scheduling, dispatching, ride-sharing, HIPAA billing, electronic fare cards, contract management etc. on the same platform using text, voice and browser based UI/UX experiences.

QRyde seamlessly links all data elements in the entire system eliminating completely the need for data integration efforts.

QRyde Cloud offers lightening speed Automatic Scheduling, high resolution mapping technology that has been enriched way beyond the standard distance and time parameters and includes real time capacity, wheelchair accessibility options, and real time traffic information.

QRyde Cloud also brings in a host of IoT initiatives where data from Tablets (GPS/AVL), vehicle computers (OBD II) can be seamlessly accessed all across the system. It embeds bluetooth communication capability to hookup up various sensors on the vehicle.

QRyde Cloud is also fully integrated with connected vehicle architecture and can exchange data with roadside sensors.

QRyde Cloud has built-in connectivity with all forms of electronic payment systems and is designed to provide transportation systems with a totally cashless travel experience.

QRyde Cloud is currently being integrated with unmanned aerial vehicles, self-driving vehicles and block-chain technologies.

QRyde Cloud has a built-in multi-modal travel interface that when combined with QRyde’s Transportation as a Service (TaaS) platform, can be used to implement local or regional Mobility-As-A-Service (MaaS).

QRyde Cloud brings these enormous capabilities at cost effective prices by offering ubiquitous access to shared pools of configurable system resources and higher-level services that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort over Internet or intranet.

QRyde cloud enables organizations to focus on their core business – providing transportation and taking care of the special needs of their clients.


The Alternative? 

Complex IT Infrastructure and costs associated with its management:

  • massive capital costs of acquisition, maintenance and upgrades (purchasing and managing licenses for servers, windows, databases, mapping systems, telephone systems, cellular networks, etc)
  • long deployment times (some large systems take 5-6 years to complete deployments)
  • funds-constrained procurement of inferior and, in almost of all cases, incomplete systems


It’s time Transportation entities played with a FULL DECK.

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Who Can Use QRyde Cloud?

QRyde Cloud offers a proprietary technology that serves major stakeholders in the human services transportation industry.

Capabilities offered within QRyde Cloud?


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HBSS’ Agile Software Development Methodology

HBSS follows a very strict Agile Software Development Methodology based on Scrum. Agile methods are based on iterative and incremental development where all the requirements are not a pre-cursor to software design and development. User requirements and experience evolve in an iterative manner and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams. The Agile development promotes adaptive planning, evolutionary development and delivery, a time-boxed iterative approach, and encourages rapid and flexible response to change.  Read More…

Secure Data – HIPAA Compliant

On-premise or hosted, QRyde offers full-stack implementation on a Virtualized environment in a Tier-3/Tier-4 hosting facility that is HIPAA and NIST compliant. Our Hosting Services include a state of the art Disaster Recovery solution and is bundled with 24×7 support, state of the art training and professionally managed services. Read More…

QRyde Software Stack

The QRyde hardware provides full-stack implementation. Some of the technologies that go into developing the QRyde platform, which is so easy and flexible include: .NET, SQL, RDBMS (Relational Database Management System), SAS, Visual Basic, jQuery, SharePoint, Java, Javascript , C++, AJAX, HTML, HTML5, CSS3, XML, JSON, ESRI, ArcGIS, Data Modeling, SOAP, REST Web Services, JavaServer Pages, Struts, and Linux.

Transportation Providers

Public transportation, commercial and non-profit providers – Improve your efficiency without sacrificing quality of service.

Let us help you improve your operational efficiency and better utilize your resources. You can be part of the QRyde provider network and by posting your routes on QRyde’s Global Scheduling Engine (GSE), your seats are ‘offered’ in the QRyde Marketplace much like an airplane reservation system.


How We Help Private Providers

How We Help Transit Agencies


Organizations, Institutions, Health Plans, Municipalities – Improve your membership services by adding low cost and safe transportation.

Lets us help you create a community-based transportation system that makes it easier for your members to avail safe, reliable, and cost effective transportation. It benefits you as providing transportation ensures greater participation of members by removing  transportation barriers.

How We Help Communities

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