When a customer calls to book a ride...

CUSTOMER INTERACTION makes viewing, creating and accessing your client and trip data simple and intuitive.


Customized business rules for your operations are built in

Cloud–based system is accessible over any internet connection.

As you assign a driver and dispatch the trip...

ADVANCED DISPATCH & SCHEDULING provides the latest tools for real-time, computer assisted scheduling. This module creates outstanding trip and route efficiency; helping create driver accountability.


Simple Group management tools

As drivers perform their trips...

MOBILE DATA SOLUTIONS provide dispatch with real time operations management, instant trip insertion and cancellation, virtually putting you in the driver’s seat. To ease the burden of your call center, IVR enables rapid, effective communication for routine tasks – saving you time.


Color-coded routes; continuous time display

Turn by turn map and voice navigation for drivers

When it’s time for your customer’s payment...

ELECTRONIC PAYMENT SYSTEMS allow your commuters to scan their prepaid fare card with our mobile app. All payment data integrates seamlessly into reports, and, you no longer need a cash box.


Increase available funds with mobile fare system

Real time transaction notifications via text or email

Gain valuable insights from...

REPORTS, which are cloud-based and accessible anywhere you need them. Track everything in your organization from admin to billing. How pleased will you be with better-organized reporting & simplified billing?


Filter to meet your business parameters

Export reports to a variety of formats

Private Transportation Providers

Simplify your daily operations, boost efficiency with feature-rich cloud based experience

  • Use QRyde Marketplace to fill those empty seats by helping more riders find you.
  • Use QRyde Cloud to lower costs, link to licensed providers, connect with your customers, & grow revenue!

Gain a competitive advantage.

QRyde’s Complete Product Suite

QRyde boosts your operational efficiency, saving you time and money!

We built the QRyde Cloud for Providers suite of modules with your business challenges in mind. We connect all your data so your passengers, dispatchers, drivers and billing departments can run their daily tasks with more convenience and better efficiency. Our commitment to revolutionizing transportation runs deep.

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