104 Medical Helpline – India

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HB Software Solutions India in partnership with the organization ‘Punjab Health Systems Corporation’ under the Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Punjab covered under the National Health Mission, a flagship program of Government of India, started the 104 Medical Helpline in order to provide first level information and advice as well as any other health related services to the general public in the areas of: health records, diagnostics, complaints about deficiency of service or neglect, advice on long term conditions, health scares or epidemics, counseling and mental health, general health and symptom management – all free of charge to all citizens of the state.

In addition to the technology, which HBSS is well-known for, they also manage training (call center, tech, etc.), hiring, call center and tech staffing, grievances, and overall management practices.

In the first 3 years of this program, the call center took in over 1.6 million calls just under half being relevant to the program – the bulk of those are information based inquiries, but also those that needed transfer to emergency, counseling and mental health needs as well as general medical advice. At any given time (24/7), there are as many as 12 reps fielding calls and inquiries – as many as 150-200/day each.