MIDS Transportation Inc. provides over 35,000 trips and 3,600 home delivered meals monthly

MIDS Transportation Inc. provides over 35,000 trips and 3,600 home delivered meals monthly

The MIDS Transportation Inc. operates a fully coordinated transportation system running a mixed fleet of DOT 5311 vehicles and company owned 15 passenger vans. MIDS Transportation Inc. performs DCH, DHS, GDOT (Public trips), Vocational Rehabilitation, Workmen’s Compensation, private pay contracts and transportation for special events. The NET trips are contracted and performed through the states broker, SWGNET.

DHS trips are contracted with Regional Development Centers which in turn contracts with MIDS Transportation Inc. to perform the DHS trips within their region. MIDS Transportation Inc. contracts with Bacon, Berrien, Brooks, Cook, Lowndes, Turner, and Ware County to be the Third Party Operator for the DOT 5311 Program in their area. In the counties of Decatur, Seminole, and Grady, MIDS Transportation Inc. contracts with the Southwest Georgia RDC to be the Third Party Operator. The remaining contracts are with individual agencies.

Currently MIDS Transportation Inc. provides over 35,000 trips and 3,600 home delivered meals monthly in the twenty four counties that it operates in. This is a monumental accomplishment when you consider that each contract has different requirements and different beginning and ending program times that usually overlap each other.

MIDS Transportation Inc.was founded by Cooley and Debbie Hobdy in 1987. As managing partners, they have guided the company to its current competitive and respected position in the paratransit transportation industry. MIDS Transportation Inc. has built its reputation on personal service and commitment to quality and client satisfaction.

Since its inception, MIDS Transportation Inc. has maintained a steady rate of growth, serving clients throughout 24 counties in the South Georgia area. Their main objective continues to be providing a quality service that exceeds the expectations of our clients by offering them safe and reliable transportation.

MIDS Transportation Inc.’s home office, in Valdosta, GA and satellite office in Bainbridge, Georgia, employs knowledgeable professionals who have years of experience in the transportation industry. Their company consists of a network of qualified drivers that are required to meet stringent ongoing training certifications.

MIDS is a leader in the transportation industry because it is able to fully coordinate and service the areas in which it is located with contracts that are in place with DCH, DHS, and GDOT. Each of these contracts is brokered to MIDS Transportation, Inc. through different State or County agencies.  The following are some of the client services in which they specializes:

  • Human Services Transportation (DHS)
  • Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (DCH)
  • Workmen’s Compensation Transportation
  • Wheelchair and Stretcher Transportation
  • Public Transportation (GDOT)
  • Special Events Transportation

At MIDS Transportation Inc., they pride ourselves on superior customer service and always go the extra mile to ensure their customers’ satisfaction. Their experienced staff is available ten hours a day with additional after hours dispatch so that all transportation needs are met and/or exceeded.

SCCTD invested $29.6 Million in the future of mobility for its people

SCCTD invested $29.6 Million in the future of mobility for its people

Recently the St. Clair County Transit District board approved the SCCTD Transit vision 2020 Network Plan. With an operating budget of $29.6 million, it aims at increasing the ridership and serving riders better on its existing metrobus routes. SCCTD has an ongoing commitment to serve traditional communities reliant upon public transportation and is focused on serving employment, medical, education, and recreation centers.

With 4.8 million rides in Illinois the SCCTD provides and manages transportation services for the fifteen townships within the district. It has been relentlessly providing public transportation and connecting facilities with its 8 metrobus, 20 miles of metrolink track and 11 miles of metro bike link trail throughout Belleville, Canteen, Caseyville, Centreville, East St. Louis, Engelmann, Lebanon, Mascoutah, O’Fallon, St. Clair, Shiloh Valley, Smithon, Stites, Stookey, Sugarloaf.

Under the new plan, SCCTD has upgraded its call-a-ride service with QRyde by HBSS. This service aims to provide curb to curb community service for senior citizens as well as specially abled people. QRyde by HBSS has forged relationships with local transportation providers as well as the paratransit alternative transportation service  so one can now easily plan the rides to work, play or anywhere with confidence. It’s been a year to this wonderful partnership in plan operating and managing over 47 vehicles and 73 operators. 

QRyde has been offering paratransit, on demand and fixed route services with multiple fare structures, easy booking and cancellation facilities, and prompt customer support to the people throughout the 15 township.



Could you imagine a scenario where a transit platform experiences a surge of over 1000 riders, with an increase of passengers per revenue hour by almost 10%, and an increase of passengers per revenue mile by 2%, in just two years? This was exactly the case for Bloomington Transit.

Communities can be as small as a faith-based organization looking to arrange rides for people to get to their events, or as large as a statewide program for non-emergency medical transportation. QRyde, a software developer in Lowell, Massachusetts created an app-based program to meet the needs of rural communities. In just two years, Bloomington Transit created an impact in the online marketplace where people arranging (or needing) rides could connect with people supplying them.

In 2016, Bloomington Transit contracted HB Software Solutions (HBSS) for this new paratransit scheduling platform called QRyde. Bloomington Transit began using the new technology on January 1, 2017. The agency experienced an increase in paratransit ridership of about 1,000 trips from 2016 to 2018. With Qryde’s responsive technology, the agency maintained efficiency with an increase in both passengers per revenue hour and revenue mile in 2017. Bloomington Transit attributes this improved performance directly to the adoption and implementation of QRyde.  

In 2018, Bloomington Transit added the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Module to allow for automated notifications (e.g., reservation reminders, cancellations, etc.). Overall, Bloomington Transit claimed to have a positive experience with QRyde. The agency had to make some adjustments to daily activities, such as having their drivers now use tablets to review their schedules rather than paper schedules.