Carpooling & Ride Sharing

A flexible cloud-based car sharing solution that is based on commuter transportation technology (both repetitive and on-demand)  and smart, mobile-ready matching applications.

No Need for Extra Parking

Reduce their overall parking lot requirements and/or expand current business operations without the need for additional parking space and provide stress-free commute to the employees. Employment centers can offer additional transportation incentives to prospective tenants.

Payment Via Smart Phone App

No burden on the employers or employment centers as the ride booking and payment is all handled via smart phone apps. All the services are handled directly via the riders so no staff commitment is required for offering the service.

AI optimization

Optimized Routes

Utilize intelligent cost-sharing and route matching technology to optimize the routes and provide low-cost transportation options for all.

Secure Data Encryption

Provide secure data encryption ensuring personal information contained in both driver and riders profiles are completely safe. Additionally, the solution is accessible to all users, regardless of any disability they may have.

QRyde’s key features for carpooling

& Ride sharing

Consumer Mobile App

Provides riders with the ability to view driver profiles and match based on their transportation needs.

Driver Mobile App

Provides drivers with the ability to view their routes, accept or reject rides as they are requested and handle any payments.


Data Security & Encryption

Ensures that all personal information is secure as per NIST Standards.

QRyde for Ride Sharing

fully integrated with most social networks enabling both riders and drivers to connect their preferred network(s) allowing them to search their own pool of connections.

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