ADA / Paratransit Scheduling & Dispatch Solutions

QRyde enables independent transportation companies and Government transit systems to optimize current operations, explore new markets, and compete with the newer app technologies and business models.

We help Paratransit and ADA Transportation Service providers

Helping public transit agencies that provide fixed-route service offer a

“complementary paratransit” service to people with disabilities.

Help riders with disabilities who

  • Can’t use the fixed-route bus or rail service
  • Need reliable transportation
  • Want to set up account profiles that include accessibility features and mobility preferences

No more guessing

  • Know your riders’ wait times
  • Increase engagement with riders
  • Optimize your schedules

Optimize schedules and routes

  • Optimally schedule rides for advanced booking
  • Trip management
  • Ride tracking
  • Engage with your riders
  • Reduce the number of no-shows
  • Keep track of available capacity in the vehicles in real-time

Improve cost containment

  • Increase the number of passengers per mile
  • Reduce driver idle time
  • Reduce driver overtime

You want to improve rider experience and increase trips per hour to lower costs…

“But transit software is too expensive and has more features than we need”

What happens when demand exceeds capacity? There are not enough drivers to complete the work and office tasks. Scheduling and billing can overwhelm staff. Meanwhile, you see fuel costs are eating your profits.

Instead… when you use QRyde

QRyde reduces the complexity for users by tailoring the software to meet your needs. Once it is set up, the rest of the system is simple to operate

Global Scheduling Engine

Use our Global Scheduling Engine™ (GSE) to optimally schedule rides for advanced booking as well as handle will-calls expeditiously by keeping track of available capacity in the vehicles in real-time – all while increasing ridership. It also enables transit providers to accurately identify rides that fall within ¾ mile of fixed-route services.


Enables provider staff to turn on an auto-dispatch capability which looks for, in real-time, trips that are late and assigns them to other runs automatically.

Finally, get cost control and optimize rides to improve profits

Reduce Manual Tasks

  • Automate manual tasks like report tabulation, trip booking, and vehicle trip assignment.

Improve Cost Containment

  • Decrease fuel consumption and average cost per trip

Track the right KPIs like

  • On-time performance, number of complaints, trips per hour
  • Revenue miles vs non-revenue miles

Find new ways of providing service

  • Find new ways of providing service and increase access to the service
  • Automatically communicate bookings and cancellations to dispatchers

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