ADA and Paratransit

Comprehensive, ADA-compliant scheduling and dispatching solution that is based on street-by-street capacity management and slack optimization technology. While catering to FTA requirements for ADA, QRyde maximizes ride sharing.

Global Scheduling Engine

Use our Global Scheduling Engine  (GSE) to optimally schedule rides for advanced booking as well as handle will-calls expeditiously by keeping track of available capacity in the vehicles in real-time – all while increasing ridership. It also enables transit providers to accurately identify rides that fall within ¾ mile of fixed-route services. 



Enables provider staff to turn on an auto-dispatch capability which looks for, in real-time, trips that are late and assign them to other runs automatically.

AI Optimized Routes

Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques – Self Organizing Maps and Intelligent Agents to continuously re-optimize routes based on real-time data supplied by mobile data terminals.

QRyde’s key features for ADA & Paratransit

NTD Reports

Provided monthly by the QRyde system. The data for NTD is collected in real-time from mobile data terminals and other ridership counting tools.


APP Integrated Real-Time Dispatch

Enables drivers to update trip completion information as it’s happening; and to communicate with dispatchers without radios, via text messaging. The dispatchers can monitor vehicle location on a map and track drivers’ work completion, live.

Mobile App

Provides riders with where is my bus capability as well as the ability to book and cancel rides.

Reporting Dashboard

View performance and quality of service data for every ride. The dashboard provides operating characteristics for the entire system helping executives in making data-driven decisions, in real-time.


What People Are Saying

Response and efficiency was top notch. When the problem occurred, I was able to contact support right away, which is comforting. When the system locked up and running slow, the problem was top priority and handled within 30 minutes.

Lisa Johnson

Operations and Informations Director, Prairie Hill Transit

At first we were skeptical if QRyde would be able to replace our existing customized system that we had been using for over 15 years! We were very happy with the implementation and hands-on that QRYDE staff provided. Our scheduling process is now streamlined across four offices and our billing and reporting procedures are simplified. We are very happy with QRyde.

Debie Hobdy

CEO, MIDS Transportation, Inc.

We have been very impressed with HBSS capabilities to do regional coordination and have, based on the knowledge gained from our HBSS experience, bid and been recently awarded a Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative Grant.

Kim Angel

Director, Macon Transit Authority, Franklin, NC

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