Citizen Services 102/104/108 in India

IHBSS is working with the Health Society of the Punjab Government overseeing helpdesk and helpline operations for their 104 Non-Emergency Health Information Program.

This program provides citizens with information and advice related to various aspects of their medical care. The Punjab Health Systems Corporations (PHSC) provides comprehensive integrated healthcare to their people, especially those in vulnerable sections of the society.

HBSS has partnered with Aryabhat Computers, Patna to manage this project and will provide manpower, structured Call Center processes, innovate new systems and provide technologies that manage the operations of the call center. Additionally, this partnership will aid in the development of mobile apps which manage transportation of the staff using vehicle tracking technologies for both hardware and software.

HBSS has structured the operations of the PHSC Call Center, based out in Kharar in Punjab. The Call Center operates 24x7x365 with 10 seats working over 3 shifts. The call center agents who are also well qualified and experienced paramedics, assist the general-public in handling health related needs including first aid advice, rehabilitation counseling, psychological counseling, family planning counseling, access to information related to details of medical facilities, hospitals, doctors, diagnostic centers, pharmacies and other healthcare services. It also helps them to submit grievances related to issues between different health departments to the concerned officials.

In addition to call center operation we have also appointed doctors to help the staff in cases needing immediate doctor’s advice as well as providing transportation services to the staff upgrading the existing systems to the latest technology. We are in the process of bringing in advanced ITMS system to manage the call center functioning and coordination with the doctors and patients.

HBSS plans to expand this Medicaid helpline business model to other states in India in order to encourage the use of more advanced technologies resulting in better, more efficient management of these vital programs.

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