Commercial Transportation Providers

Advanced cloud-based technology solution that is based on intelligent pricing models and real-time automated scheduling.

community marketplace

Community Marketplace

Search for new business on the QRyde Community Marketplace and bid on appropriate projects.

Automated Scheduling Algorithms


Automate trip downloads from brokersautomate scheduling, track drivers, vehicles, and automate billing and eligibility verification in the most cost-effective manner. Our proprietary algorithms analyze geography, time requirements, mobility constraints, and available seats to determine the most optimal assignment for every ride.

automated scheduling
increase capacity

Increase Capacity

Enables owners to discover additional capacity and provide intelligent pricing for attracting additional rides.

QRyde’s key features for Transportation Providers


Connects dispatchers to drivers so vehicles can be tracked. It also automatically manages cancellations, changes, and the recording of performance data which reduces radio/cellular traffic and increases safety.

QRyde Fleet


Powerful OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) tool that enables providers to audit assets and drivers in real-time. It also helps reduce fuel consumption, maintenance bills, and downtime for unscheduled maintenance.

No Show Management

Automates both in-bound and out-bound call requirements helping identify no-shows earlier and create route alternatives quickly, saving time and money.


Real-Time Dispatch & Scheduling


Powerful, fully integrated tool to help daily operations run more smoothly.

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