About QRyde Communities

With QRyde Communities, organizations such as healthcare providers, social services, educational institutions, emoloyers and even nutrition and meal programs can create community based and often subsidized programs to book rides. Rules and the fare subsidy to be applied to the trips booked can be decided based on institutional collaboration in your community. These programs reap the benefits of innovative, community based transportation model **patent pending** providing traditionally underseved and often rural areas with the same technology benefits as those in larger metropolitan areas.

Reporting Dashboard

Allows Facilities the ability to track every process from booking to billing.

Smartphone Apps

Enables patients to track pick-ups, request rides, access ride information, cancel trips, review their profile, and report complaints.

Online Marketplace

Provides Organizations with qualified pools of certified vendors to shop from and negotiate fare rates.

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Who is using it?

Montachusett Area Regional Tansportation

Microtransit integrating NEMT, Workforce, and on-demand transportation

Feonix – Mobility Rising

Non-profit organization creating cutting edge rural transportation networks

Coalition for a Better Acre

Reliable transportation for an innovative workforce program

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