Community and Rural Transportation Solutions

QRyde enables independent transportation companies and Government transit systems to optimize current operations, explore new markets, and compete with the newer app technologies and business models.

We help Community and Rural Transportation Service providers

Helping Community and Rural Transportation service providers meet community mobility needs.

Helping more people

  • Improve client enrollment and eligibility determination
  • Increase trip bookings
  • Improve communication and reduce complaints

Improving ride education

  • Educate riders on how to use the website and mobile apps
  • Help them find video training resources

Optimize and improve

  • Customer satisfaction
  • On-time performance
  • Driver productivity
  • Driver supervision

Enhanced scheduling

  • Faster trip assignment to routes
  • Same day schedule optimization
  • Reduce customer problems

You want to improve Coordination with other rural and community transportation systems, but…

“Transit solutions are overkill and too technical. We don’t need that much technology.”

Without the right solution, there will be more steps in the process and more time-consuming tasks and customer service calls.

Instead, when you use QRyde…

QRyde is simple to use. The complexity is behind the scenes. It lets you do more with fewer resources

Happier clients

  • Happier clients that don’t ride as long and have more choices
  • It reduces the average miles and trip passenger miles

Happier schedulers

  • Frees dispatchers from only focusing on ride placement and allows them to address customer service issues
  • No more worrying about which drivers are handling rides

Optimize rides to improve profits

Optimize schedules

  • Schedule more efficiently
  • Lower overall miles driven
  • Reduce the average time passengers are in the vehicle
  • Reduce fuel costs

Handle small contracts

  • The smaller contracts can add up
  • QRyde lets you track them without having to do extra work
  • Allows you to build agencies

Enhance reporting

  • Collect the data you need for state and federal governments
  • Get accurate information for regulatory reporting without having to rely on manual entry

Find new ways of providing service

  • Find new ways of providing service and increase access to the service
  • Automatically communicate bookings and cancellations to dispatchers

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