A Community’s Greatest Need

To a person who is sick, his greatest need is medical care. To a person who is hungry, her greatest need is food. To a person who does not have a job, his greatest need is work. While there may not be a single solution to each of these needs, ensuring safe, reliable, affordable transportation is a critical component to any solution. 

Public transportation cannot and does not go everywhere. That’s why communities have to start thinking differently about their transportation options: and so community driven transportation is born. Communities everywhere are deciding what transportation resources they need and are creating their own transportation system to help make their members’ lives better. 

The Best Solution

A community’s greatest need depends on the people who live there and whether or not they have safe, affordable, reliable transportation. A community may be overwhelmed with the various problems and needs of their constituents. The best solution? Give opportunity to those who are looking. There may be a wide range of ways to help, but transportation is one of the greatest resources you can provide. 

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