Chad Chaudhry, Owner Travelcom Inc.

Travelcom, Inc. is growing with QRyde

Q & A with Chad Chaudhry, Owner, Travelcom, Inc.


Q: Tell me about the growth of your business?

A: In the past, I sent drivers text messages to assign jobs. The process was time consuming and hard.  This manual process limited Travelcom to 40-50 trips a day.  I used Google to find a better solution with HBSS. Since we began using QRyde, Travelcom has grown from 11 drivers to 18.  This growth is possible, in part, because QRyde sends manifests and route changes automatically to each driver’s wireless tablet.


Q: How is QRyde making your lives better?

A: There is a threshold around 100 trips a day that can be managed by hand. QRyde has given us tools to schedule and dispatch 120 trips a day with the capacity to grow to 150. Calling clients to confirm trips is a time consuming process that saves driver time, gas, and frustration especially for no-shows and cancel on arrival. QRyde’s automated reminder calls (IVR) make it easier to confirm trips. Automating scheduling and dispatch gives us the ability to grow.


Q: Is there anything else you want to add?

A: We are growing, we just added 2 new vehicles. I’d be lost without the software.

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