Kim Angel, Director Macon County Transit

Prior to contracting with HBSS/QRyde in 2010, all of our business was done by paper manifest – at the time, our biggest goal was to reduce errors and add more same-day service – we simply didn’t have the additional manpower that was required to do additional verifications. Being a small, rural system, I never imagined that we would have access to the level of technology that QRyde Cloud provides.

GPS Automated Booking and Scheduling program has been a game changer. It’s one of the best tools our call takers and scheduler have ever used – it optimizes our routes and has decreased overall miles traveled while increasing the number of trips we can provide our clients. I can’t say enough good things about the choice to go from paper manifests to tablets.

In addition, we have added the use of IVR Call Out (No Show Management) which has not only decreased our no shows; it has also helped us increase our customer satisfaction – win/win! Customers are happy to have the information each night so they know when to expect our vehicle the next day. They also love the ability to call and check the information themselves, via a toll free number.

Recently, we have begun to branch out more in terms of coordinating trips with neighboring county transit systems.  The use of QRyde and the coordination module makes it much easier to coordinate these trips, especially since we all use QRyde to book the trips, everything shows on the appropriate transit system’s Rydelog (after the system does an automatic split of the trip) which again, saves both agencies labor, time, and increases overall efficiency.

From the very beginning, the staff at HBSS was very responsive to all our needs when there is a tech support issue, and most issues are resolved within the same day! The chat feature in the software helps staff work directly with the tech support group for immediate troubleshooting.

QRyde has been a life-saving, cost effective, customer friendly, efficiency improving upgrade to our business which has enabled Macon County Transit to continuously improve operations and serve more of our community for their transportation needs.


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