Lisa Schneekloth, Director CICOA Meals & More

QRyde Helps Central Indiana Seniors Receive Lunch

CICOA Aging & In Home Solutions (CICOA) supports Indiana seniors through a variety of services. Meals & More, provides lunches at host locations for neighborhood meals including senior centers, churches and apartment communities. Early 2016, Meals & More learned we needed to find a replacement for our software. CICOA wanted an online solution to manage data. Way2Go, a CICOA transportation service already using QRyde, provided an introduction and recommendation.

Meals & More chose QRyde, in part to automate gathering statistics about who is coming to lunch. Prior to adopting QRyde, neighborhood meal sites would complete their reports by hand and send them in by mail. Now seniors use scan cards to swipe in for lunch. The data can be can be compiled immediately for meal count information. This new automated data collection saves us lots of time gathering, reporting, and delivering information. There are no more delayed envelopes containing handwritten reports to be typed in and complied. This is a huge weekly time saver.

We had some growing pains, including some resistance to change, during the initial phase.  With QRyde’s automated data collection and reports providing better access to the data, CICOA was able to diagnose what was actually happening and make changes. Now the program is growing again.

Providing meals to seniors has a specific focus and vocabulary. The technical staff at HBSS spoke the language of transportation. Once QRyde’s Jillian Michaud got involved she bridged the vocabulary and technology gap. Our implementation was easy once everyone understood what was needed.

QRyde is having a positive impact on the amount of effort required to compile and report on meals served.

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