Dade County GA Joins QRyde

Dade County Transit provides accessible and affordable demand response transportation for their residents for educational, employment, shopping, social activities as well as non-emergency medical transportation needs.

The service is available 8-5, Monday-Friday and you must call 24 hours in advance for next day service. For out of town trips, these must be reserved at least two days in advance. They can also accommodate wheel chairs and carseats but do not provide them. Anyone requiring non-emergency transportation is eligible to ride Dade County Transit.

QRyde recently finished on-boarding and training users at Dade County Transportation. The process has been very successful and we would like to thank all the personnel at Dade for their patience and willingness to learn!

“Thank you so much for all your hard work, you have exceeded our previous transportation software provider by leaps and bounds! Dade County is very thankful for having you on board.” – Dade County Representative

Everyone at QRyde is looking forward to a long, fruitful relationship with Dade where we will continue to help them optimize and automate their transportation software needs.



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