Distribution Systems

A cutting-edge, cloud based goods distribution management solution for public and private distribution systems. It is based on GPS Tracking and real-time scheduling technologies.

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Distribution Management

Bulk distributors and on-demand distributors in countries like India that are experiencing explosive growth, to implement automated management systems for distribution of commodities like wheat, rice, fuels, heavy machines and cars as well as meals, milk, and parcel packages.

Automated Dispatch & Scheduling

Provides distribution staff with advanced dispatch and scheduling capabilities ensuring minimal manual intervention with the system leading to improvements in efficiency, theft prevention and cost-optimization.

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Transportation Management

Provides a cutting edge optimization technology solution to manage the transportation for any distribution system.

Real Time Monitoring

An advanced tracking and notification system offers integration with external sensors enabling real-time monitoring of vehicles which reduces the chances of theft and fraud.

QRyde’s key features for Distribution systems

Advanced Route Planner

Utilizes advanced algorithms with a simple user interface allowing for the optimization and customization of routes for faster delivery, saving transit time by avoiding heavy traffic conditions.

Analytics Reporting

Provide both regular reports for accounting and administrative use as well as the ability for the system to analyze data and provide a wide variety of custom reports helping to improve the overall efficiency of these systems. Examples include: distribution patterns over a duration to plan future deliveries, ETA reports over a route,  and commodity distribution (delivery) reports.




Advanced Dispatch

An advanced system that schedules all delivery rides for an assigned route and vehicle. The Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) system allows administrators to monitor the fleet of running vehicles out for delivery utilizing real-time, GPS tracking.

Notification and Alert System

Works with the advanced tracking module allowing all routes and destinations to be geo-fenced. The alert module provides notification when any deviation occurs in the route or if there is any delay in scheduled delivery. Notifications can be seen on display as the event occurs as well as the ability to be sent by SMS and email. GPS devices are capable of sending offline alerts via SMS in the event of  vehicle theft or attempts to tamper with the device.

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