QRyde has partnered with the Montachusett Regional Transit Authority (MART) to deliver door-to-door transportation services to seniors across North Central Massachusetts.  The program focused initially on two communities in that region.  The Ipswich and Leominster Councils on Aging, as is the case with COAs in general, provide programs and support services to improve quality of life for seniors in their communities and included among those services is transportation.

While both of these Councils partner with regional transit authorities, including MART and Cape Ann Transportation Authority (CATA), they faced challenges in terms of meeting all of the transportation needs of their seniors, and coordinating both their and the Authorities’ resources.  Using QRyde facilities, including ride booking and dispatch portals and driver app, the COAs were able to implement a program that simplified their transportation tasks, and provided the data necessary to meet the reporting requirements of their transportation partners.  Most importantly, they were able to successfully meet the transportation needs of their seniors and do so with tools that were not burdensome for their staff and drivers. 

Over past few months, QRyde has partnered with MART to implement similar programs in Sterling, Shirley, Lancaster, Bolton, and Hardwick.  In each of these communities, QRyde has trained COA staff and drivers, and rolled out QRyde ride booking, dispatch, and driver app software, enabling these communities to implement responsive and reliable transportation programs for seniors in their communities.  All of these COAs are now able to book and manage rides for seniors needing to get to medical appointments, go shopping, or attend social activities at Council centers.  Council staff no longer have to manage the process on paper, or juggle multiple systems.  The QRyde centralized system enables COA staff to track and manage rides, review ride status, reconcile ride information, and review on-time performance of drivers.

Over the next few months, QRyde and MART will roll out similar transportation programs for Councils in Ayer, Ashburnham, Templeton, Harvard, and Lunenburg. If you’d like to learn how QRyde can help your agency optimize transportation programs, click here to request a demo.