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Transportation has always been a hurdle for medical facilities. Broken appointments lead to emergency room visits; patients sometimes have to move in order to get the treatment they require. Unfortunately, these scenarios are not isolated; they happen everyday, in every community across the nation.


The underlying factor is Lack of Transportation. At QRyde, we believe a person should never worry about missing a medical appointment because they can’t find a ride. Although most healthcare professionals identify transportation as a huge need, most feel there is little they can do about it.


What is a QRyde Community?

A QRyde Community is a transportation resource. This tool is given to an organization to help their members find and coordinate safe, affordable, reliable transportation. This way the community has more control over whether their members will get where they need to be.


How can a QRyde Community help?

A healthcare organization working with QRyde will get its own ride booking website and mobile app to advertise to its patients and/or employees. It will also get QRyde’s professional, knowledgeable staff to help solve its specific transportation challenges. Our software helps coordinate shared rides, specialized one-on-one rides, or any other type of ground transportation. The organization’s transportation department can also book, coordinate, and monitor rides if a patient is not technology savvy.

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