Higher Education

Comprehensive campus transportation solution that is based on advanced vehicle tracking technology and Global Scheduling Engine for dynamic route planning.

Fleet Management

Better manage fleets and 3rd party providers to increase the availability of transportation to students in normal and off-hours.

Student Safety


Ensure higher student safety standards through real-time tracking and text notifications allowing riders advanced notice of ETAs at their bus stops. This reduces waiting outside in inclement weather.

Route Management

Utilize automated route management to optimize routes and create dynamic routes based on real-time requests from students.

GTFS Files

Create GTFS files enabling clients to publish trip data to Google Transit.-based payment portal can be acquired as a licensed software or as a subscription service making it affordable for even the smallest school systems deploying buses for students.
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QRyde’s key features for Higher education

QRyde Cloud

Perform all business functions, streamlining processes and virtually eliminating all paper transactions.

SmartPhone App

Access bus information, set up alerts, and scan their phones to pay for out of campus trips. They can also book on-demand ride requests.


Scheduling & Dispatch

An advanced tool to better schedule their routes and manage their day to day transportation operations efficiently.



Riders can subscribe to receive mobile notification of when a bus will arrive at specific locations. This capability allows students and staff to optimize their time and not hang around waiting for the bus.

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