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QRyde – Transportation Scheduling & Dispatch Software:

QRyde’s transportation software is designed to streamline your agency’s logistic needs. QRyde provides a singular platform from which you can access all the transportation verticals. Our primary objective is to make the whole operation smooth. Gain real time insights and adapt on the go by optimizing your routes and schedules, making informed decisions and simplifying the overall process. 


QRyde is the ultimate transportation planning software that provides end to end transit solutions.

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DOT’s Equity Action Plan – Major Milestone

DOT’s Equity Action Plan – Major Milestone

Join the Transportation Revolution with a Focus on Equity for All The Equity Action Plan by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) focuses on expanding access and opportunity to all communities, especially underserved,...

What we Offer


Real-time Scheduling:

QRyde’s real time scheduling feature allows you to automate the scheduling process and increase efficiency.

Optimize Routes and Schedules:

QRyde’s ride scheduling software will provide access to live, real-time information which will allow us to identify the routing errors and determine promising solutions. 

Information at your Fingertips:

QRyde’s all-in-one transportation software gives you access to all the information across all the various routes and automatically maps the most suitable route for the ride. 

Detailed Reporting:

Qryde’s data bank enables you to create detailed reports and keeps track of all operations. 

Optimize Operations:

Schedule trips based on accurate data, dispatch based on real time information and overlook the efficiency at any given time.

Excellent Customer Service:

QRyde’s transit planning software provides quick and responsive support to all the customers. Our representatives are trained and have ample industry experience. 

Transportation Scheduling Software

QRyde empowers the community of transportation providers with a single software that can end all their transportational woes. Our state of the art software will aid you in increasing ridership, improve service and optimize operations.

Where is my Bus?

QRyde’s (HBSS) transportation software for transportation provides dispatchers with greater control over their rides and enables them to reroute and alert the riders accordingly. 






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