The Need for Transit Software

Public Transit software implementation for cities essentially offers a highly capable and automated transit management platform that could pave way to embrace such technologies so as to upgrade service delivery standards and operational efficiency.

In order to enable different transportation systems in a city to co-exist and work in a cohesive manner, it would be essential to create an interoperable system that would offer seamless travel experience to commuters.

Why QRyde?


HBSS QRyde provides GPS tracking system which is compatible with most of GPS trackers including mobile devices (Android, Windows, iPhone). Furthermore, GPS tracking servers are constantly improved and updated with new features.

With HBSS QRyde online tracking software you can monitor thousands of objects and display their locations (exact address etc.) on the map in your web browser or mobile.
HBSS QRyde server let user to:

    • Track objects (vehicle, cargo, person, pet, bike, mobile) in real time
    • Get notifications about important events (geofence, speeding etc.)
    • Save fuel
    • Generate various reports
    • View historical tracks and many more.

To start tracking you need one GPS tracking device for each object. GPS tracking device receives position information from GPS satellites and forwards it to QRyde servers. Your GPS tracker needs to have an Internet connection to send position data to QRyde servers. The most common option is to use a data subscription in 2G or 3G mobile networks (standard SIM cards).

Over 700-transportation companies is using our web-based solutions throughout the United States and more than 50 Public and private organizations in India for trip management, routing, billing, tracking, complaint management, and reports. The company currently manages and maintains more than 50,000 trips daily in large urban, suburban, and rural areas.

QRyde Tracker

QRyde Tracker is a high quality tracking and fleet management software developed by a team of professional software and hardware engineers.

It is designed to track vehicles, trucks, cargos, bicycles, boats and people for a personal households and businesses all over the world. Offering high-quality backend server, It allows optimizing every business to save its costs and protect personal things by sending real- time notifications, reports on your mobile phone online.

• Real Time tracking
• Access based control system
• Easy interface for configuration
• Alerts/Notifications
• Reports
• History tracking
• Geo-fencing Mark your Maps – POI
• Value driven features

Real-time Tracking

    • Single interface to view all vehicles – Advantage for Control rooms
    • Multiple map options – Google/Open Street Map
    • Vehicle run time Data – Speed, location, driver, odometer, petrol consumption, travel history etc.
    • Instant event alerts on Tracking screen

Route Building

    • Plot your own routes
    • Pin the stops on the routes
    • Get alerts when vehicle deviates the route

Alerts and Notifications (SMS/Email)

    • Get instant alerts about your vehicle based on driver behaviour and Engine diagnostics
    • Know when the vehicle enters or exits specific area (geo-zone).
    • Know if driver is over speeding, sharp cornering or harsh breaking.
    • Towing alert as well as turn on/off the engine alert.
    • Coolant temperature, Engine RPM
    • Know in advance if the insurance of your vehicle is due.

History Tracking

    • Analyse Trip by extracting past trip records
    • Unlimited archiving
    • Ability to play the past dated trip


    • Analyse Trip by extracting past trip records
    • Unlimited archiving
    • Ability to play the past dated trip

Value-driven Features

          • Ignition detection
          • Geo-fence
          • Sleep/Deep sleep
          • Over speeding detection
          • Remote Log
          • GPRS commands
          • Green driving
          • Anti-jamming detection
          • SMS event
          • Auto Geofencing
  • Firmware Over-the-Air (FOTA) Update
  • Idling detection
  • Crash detection
  • Virtual Odometer
  • Trip detection
  • Private/business trip
  • Towing detection
  • Integrated scenarios
  • Remote configuration over SMS
  • Offline tracking


        • General information – Top speed + Average speed + Consumed fuel + Route length etc.
        • Drives and stops – General Information + Object stops + Driving Information (Interval duration between multiple stops and their addresses).
        • Travel sheet – Stops addresses and coordinates + Fuel consumption + Length between stops.
        • Over-speed – Number of times + Speed of particular time + Location detail.
        • Under-speed – Number of times + Speed of that time + Location detail.
        • Geo-fence in/out – Entry and exit time for each zone + Total time of stay in every zone.
        • Events – Event name + Coordinates + Address + Time.
        • Fuel level – Real-time fuel level check.
        • Fuel fillings – Objects fuel filling history.
        • Fuel thefts – Object fuel theft history.
        • Speed limit – Over-speed limit + Under-speed limit.
        • Stops – Set a particular time of stops to save the traffic light stop time.
        • Show addresses – Check the addresses near locations.
        • Zones – Zone-wise reports.
        • Time Frame – Reports for the selected time frame.
        • Format – PDF (Adobe Acrobat reader) + HTML (Browser) + XLS (Microsoft Excel)
        • Schedule – Daily + Weekly (Automatic report sent available on the selected email addresses)

QRyde Features

     For Clients

          • Compatible with both iOS and Android’
          • Inbuilt customer support and feedback
          • Log in facility / registration
          • Real time vehicle tracking
          • Trip reminders
          • IVR ( in bound from driver and system users)
          • Driver details
          • estimated trip time/ wait time
          • Advance booking
          • Favorite locations
          • Trip Ratings
          • Specialized services required for trip
          • additional escort/need accommodation

For Riders/Drivers

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android
  • Safe Driving Mode
  • Turn by turn navigation assistance interfaced with Google/Waze
  • Electronic Pre and post inspection Facility
  • Vehicle location tracking
  • Canned Data Messaging
  • Driver log-on; log-off;
  • Pick-up location arrival;
  • Pick-up performed;
  • Drop-off location arrival;
  • Drop-off performed;
  • Customer information
  • Additional passenger boarding;
  • Additional passenger alighting;
  • Realtime Manifest change incorporation
  • Rider no-show; cancels at the door; and,
  • Rider not ready within pick-up window.
  • IVR messaging (in bound and out bound to rider and system users)

Our Clients and Case Studies

AI in Transportation

Artificial Intelligence in Transportation systems creates an efficient, affordable and reliable transportation network.

Residents need an affordable transportation, the system empowers the agencies and travellers to schedule rides whenever and wherever required.
At a human level, public transportation provides advantages that make cities more attractive places to live

An artificial intelligent, cloud based System that makes your Transportation network most efficient.

High quality public transport services are reliable, frequent, fast, comfortable, accessible, convenient, affordable, and safe and serve routes where there is demand.

  • Which routes have the maximum demand?
  • How easy to track the current routes and get the public transportation?
  • Type of demand and plan for catering that demand.
  • New routes identification and ridership tracking of existing routes.

We provide a whole new experience to the service providers and riders in most efficient way.

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