Intelligent Transportation Solutions for Smart Cities

Integrated, cloud-based transportation solution for smart cities. It seamlessly integrates with other smart systems and provides a universal App and web-based solution for citizens. It is based on intelligent transportation system (ITS) technologies, IoT device technology and advanced payment systems.

City governments can offer streamlined services, automated bill collections, smart parking and on-demand transportation to their citizens. This allows cities to attract more businesses and higher income families.

Unlike manual management of services, collections and other functions, the employees of a smart city are connected directly to all citizens via internet and smart phones.

QRyde offers a robust web API for different smart city systems to integrate with each other and the transportation system. The QRyde Dashboard allows city staff and citizens to interact with a comprehensive portal for providing and receiving services.

QRyde multimode trip planning, advanced payment systems, last mile connectivity and quick booking mechanism simplifies life for the average city-dweller.

QRyde’s key features for intelligent transportation

Booking System

Caters to all need for fixed route services as well as demand based (cab/Taxi) service. Multi Trip planning module allows commuters to book end to end tickets for their journey, which include public transport and last mile connectivity.

Public Information System (PIS)

A fully developed Public Information System which provides complete information to the commuters about their current trip as well as future trips.




Electronic Payment System

Provides travelers with the ability to make cashless payment. Digital electronic cards (QR CODE or RFID based) can be used as tickets for trip payments. Additionally, using QRyde’s IVR system, booking a trip and cancellation can be done easily.


Our module for shared riding and is well integrated with the Electronic payment system and helps daily travelers book shared rides with their well-known/friends/colleagues.

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