Managed Care Organizations

Complete cloud-based technology solution that is based on outcome integrated methodologies and integrated member and provider billing.



Increase transportation coordination for managed care services with its existing call center so as to better integrate transportation availability with its medical outcome management services.

Manage Requests


Handle transportation requests along with their regular services for on-demand, future date, and recurring transportation requests and to easily assign them to the most suitable transportation vendor.

manage requests
assignment algorithms

Assignment Algorithms

Proprietary assignment algorithms assign the most suitable vendors to rides assuring timely pick up and drop off of patients.

Manage Vendors

Vendor portal provides an online community where vendors can perform all of their business functions and gives MCO’s the capability to effectively manage their vendor network.

QRyde’s key features for Managed Care Organizations

Competitive Bidding

Cost lowering, trip assignment system allowing vendors to be selected based on their rates (which can change quarterly) enabling a marketplace driven pricing model – not artificially set by a company or agency and factoring in real time data – gas prices, density of vendors, weather, urban/rural setting, taxes, liability insurance, prevailing wages, etc.

Consumer Smartphone App

Consumers can track pick-ups and request rides as well as access ride information, cancel trips, review eligibility, extend standing orders, and report complaints.


Mobile Data Solutions

Tablet-based real time dispatching capabilities on our cloud platform to make your vendor operations more efficient and transparent resulting in better outcome management.


Data Security

Protects patient data and ensures that standards of HIPAA and NIST are fully complied. Data is encrypted (at rest and in transit) to protect files and personal information over https protocol.

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