The focus of this program expansion will be a self-sustaining, on-demand transportation model to providing on-demand, last-mile/first-mile, employment shuttles, and COVID-sensitive travel options to the regional population around Ayer, Shirley and Devens and the neighboring communities addressing the needs of transportation among lower-income workers to the commercial business zones.

The program will utilize existing vehicles and resources, including MART COA’s in Ayer, Shirley, Boxboro, and Littleton as well as MART Direct Service fleet and MART subcontractor vehicles. 

The service will be provided to frontline workers, workforce in manufacturing / business facilities, and commuters seeking first Mile/last Mile connection services who are currently utilizing MART buses. These services will greatly benefit the lower income workforce, providing a low-cost, sustainable and reliable transportation to and from work.

The program is estimated to launch toward the beginning of Q1 of 2021 and riders will have the option of booking rides online using a mobile app or a web portal and a toll free number. Stay tuned for more information once the program launches.