Medical Transportation Broker Solutions

QRyde enables independent transportation companies and Government transit systems to optimize current operations, explore new markets, and compete with the newer app technologies and business models.

We help Medical Transportation Brokers

Helping Medical Transportation Brokers ensure members are picked up and dropped off at the right place and the right time.

Smoother Operations

  • Ensures trip booking is running smoothly and all trip requests are entered
  • Happier members that arrive on-time mean fewer complaints

Efficient Data Collection

  • Monitor daily data collected from providers to ensure compliance with billing requirements
  • Complete all billing operations to ensure timely payments from funding sources

Improve Efficiency

  • GPS verification of trip, accuracy of location and time
  • Decrease average cost per trip
  • More services offered with greater efficiency
  • Reduce billing concerns to medical plans or state Medicaid

Improve Driver Retention

  • Providers can hold onto their employees and lower turnover rates

You want to deliver all trip services on time and efficiently

“Managing a bunch of providers can be challenging”

What happens when there are not enough provider resources to meet daily demand? You have limited resources and don’t have access to other providers such as Uber, Lyft, and taxis.

Accidents can happen that increase potential liability.

Staff turnover can leave you short-staffed.

Instead… when you use QRyde

QRyde gives you a driver app to collect data in real-time so the broker knows the service has been provided.

You don’t have to wait for the client to call and complain, because you can confirm the trip was on-time. 

It allows you to move seamlessly through vendors such as Uber, Lyft, and taxis.

The data you need

  • It gives management control of services being done on-time
  • Broker has all the data they need without the need for additional data collection for billing, in real time

Complete audit trail

  • On-time performance, monitoring, trips are being completed
  • Can bill the next day which will improve cash flow
  • Broker doesn’t have to depend on the provider
  • No need to depend on bank credit line, as the cashflow happens so quickly
  • Billing monthly to billing weekly or daily
  • Not floating 3 months of payables

Finally, get on-time performance

Lower cancellation rates

  • Give consumers a way to cancel in advance using apps and portals without having to phone a broker

Decrease average cost/trip

  • More service, with greater efficiency
  • Helps reduce the overhead
  • The contract agency will really be looking at this metric as an indicator of better operation

Managerial control over providers

  • Remote supervision capabilities for the drivers
  • Get dashboard metrics for your customer
  • Efficient means to book trips, (consumer, agency, etc.) import trip assignments

Billing made easy

  • Import information electronically
  • You get very simple ways to do all of your billing
  • Billing is automatically sent on completion of the trip

We’ll Show You How it Works!

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