Microtransit Solutions

QRyde enables independent transportation companies and Government transit systems to optimize current operations, explore new markets, and compete with the newer app technologies and business models.

We help Microtransit providers

Helping Microtransit Providers fill the transit gaps and provide a mobility life line.

Rides for everyone

  • Over half of non-driving, older adults don’t leave their home most days. This problem could be greatly reduced with available microtransit

Riders need an easy way

  • To book trips – easy to use, on-demand scheduling and flexible routes

Providers need

  • An easier way to create first and last mile connections using a wider network
  • To be able to support locations that aren’t easily accessible

A cost-effective solution

  • Microtransit can help you add more fixed routes by offering services on an as-needed basis

You want a cost effective way to increase your service area…

This is necessary since there are transit deserts with neighborhoods that are underserved with public transit. This challenge happens in big cities like New York as well as rural areas scattered around the world.

To solve this problem, you need a cost effective way to serve these areas.

When you use QRyde…

It gives you the ability to blend your microtransit trips with your current paratransit resources.

It allows you to have fixed and flexible routes as well as on-demand schedules. You can mix operating styles such as fixed, paratransit, on-demand with multiple operating parameters by time of day and distance. This level of coordination is achieved through the GSE and Dispatch 360 advanced operating platforms.

It lets your riders book trips and find the fastest routes to their destination.

Cost-effective coverage

You can use scheduling parameters that can be customized for each funding source


Increase trips per hour with automated shared ride scheduling


Extract available capacity within existing routes to offer lower-cost trips

Automated real-time dispatch allows microtransit trip assignment without a dispatcher manually assigning the trips to drivers


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