NEMT Brokers

Comprehensive cloud-based technology solution that is based on dynamic rate management and competitive vendor bidding.

contract bidding

Contract Bidding

Brokers can utilize QRyde to bid on contracts on a PMPM basis, Per Ride basis, Capitated rate or any other rate structure.

Manage Requests


Manage on-demand, future date, and recurring transportation requests in the most cost-effective manner.

manage requests
learning algorithms

Learning Algorithms

Utilize proprietary learning algorithms to analyze past vendor behavior, performance and capacity to determine the best qualified and cost-effective vendors for rides.


Integrates with most of the ride-hailing/TNC solutions.


QRyde’s key features for NEMT Brokers

Vendor Payment System

Enables Brokers to reimburse vendors faster than typical funding agencies offering them the incentive to take additional business from the Broker.

QRyde Cloud

Allows vendors to perform all Broker business functions, streamlining processes and virtually eliminating all paper transactions.

Consumer SmartPhone App

Allows consumers to access ride information, review trips, cancel trips, review PT1, extend standing order, record complaints, and book on-demand rides.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Handles around 1500 calls per day and can perform trip review, trip cancellation, PT1 review, standing order extension, and client call-out management.


What People Are Saying

A very important component of the relationship with HBSS is that they are unassuming, listen to our requirements, discuss with us the pros and cons of different solution options and then implement the solution determined to be optimal for the agency.

Mohammed Khan

Administrator, Montachusett Area Regional Transit Authority

Since 1998, when HBSS first started working with us, they have evolved into an enterprise class software provider. Partnering with HBSS, MART has made great strides in transportation and has grown from managing 1200 trips/day to 16,000 trips/day. 

Bruno Fisher

Deputy Administrator, MARTA

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