NEMT Provider Solutions

QRyde enables independent transportation companies and Government transit systems to optimize current operations, explore new markets, and compete with the newer app technologies and business models.

We help Non-emergency Medical Transportation Providers

Helping non-emergency medical transportation providers have the right data so you can get paid faster.

Optimize Operations

  • Optimize operations to get paid faster
  • Ensure all drivers are on the road
  • Keep track of daily operations to ensure things run smoothly
  • Optimize routes to be more efficient
  • Save money by improving efficiency and get paid from the broker
  • Utilize multiple mobility options

Schedule faster

  • Schedule faster so you get paid faster
  • The next day’s schedules are done before 5pm
  • Handle any same day will call trips quicker
  • Handle last minute changes

Automated billing

  • Make sure all of the data is collected for billing each day
  • Send billing data automatically to brokers for payment via brokers API, and produce electronic claim files where required

Understand driver qualification

  • Make sure drivers have the proper licensing for their local jurisdiction

You want consistent receivables…

What happens when a vehicle breaks down or you have cancellations? This event can cause a dent in receivables.

Instead… when you use QRyde

You have an automated scheduler that can reassign the existing fleet to take up the slack.

QRyde gives you a driver app to collect data in real-time so the broker knows the service has been provided.

QRyde lets you track

  • On-time performance
  • Miles per day per vehicle
  • Trips per hour
  • Revenue per day/month per vehicle/driver
  • Driver overtime

Improve payment timeliness

  • Ensure you are collecting all of the data you need to report to the state and federal governments
  • No more having to do special surveys
  • Less busy work

Finally, get receivables under control

Accurate data

  • Have accurate information for regulatory reporting

Improve efficiency

  • Build agencies that allow for smaller contracts that can add up

Faster scheduling

  • Ensure scheduling is done on time

Anticipate problems

  • End to end accountability of all trips, drivers, members to receive timely payment

We’ll Show You How it Works!

Let us know more about your operation and talk to a team member about how we can serve you.