Penn Highlands Healthcare selected HBSS’s QRyde software through an RFP process to coordinate rides with regional transportation providers. The QRyde technology allows residents, facilities, and caregivers to identify available seats with each transportation provider, coordinate schedules and costs, and lets the user determine the transportation service that best fits their needs – improving the presence of Penn Highlands in the community.

Since the pilot began in late October 2020, nearly 800 rides have been provided using the service covering 20,000 miles total. The service area covers 13 counties and 8,250 square miles.

The QRyde mobile app and web portal will give communities and their members even more ways to request a ride for all residents through local transportation providers and TNCs.

Special safety precautions are being taken by the transit providers to protect both patients and drivers during the COVID-19 pandemic. All passengers are pre-screened when they book their trip over the phone, the number of passengers per vehicle is being limited, and every vehicle is being regularly sanitized. In addition, special accommodations are made for patients who have tested positive for the virus.