The fact that transportation is a well-known barrier to providing proper healthcare, especially in rural communities, is no new piece of information. At QRyde, we work day in and day out with rural clients to help them increase their transportation services by use of technology.

KVCAP – Kennebec Valley Community Action Program, of Somerset, and Kennebec Counties in the state of Maine is a prefect example of those barriers as they (along with sister organization PENQUIS, of Penobscot, Piscataquis and Knox, counties) cover around 60% of rural Maine. The bulk of the driving for KVCAP is done by a 93-person volunteer driver pool. How do they organize, schedule, and safely complete over 1,400 rides per day, to people with medical and social service appointments throughout the vast state? They use QRyde – and since they began using our software in February of 2019, their operational costs decrease by 15% in just one year!

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