QRyde Shuttles

Virtual van-pool management system that is based on demand analysis and utilizes third party commercial transportation companies to provide low-cost rides for workplaces.


Transportation to and from Work

Employ skilled and unskilled people from the region by offering shuttles to transport them to and from work. This helps them stay competitive in the marketplace.



Offer transportation options without the need to employ transportation coordinators and to deploy software to run the service.


Global Scheduling Engine

Utilize our global scheduling engine to find the best fit route for every employee transportation request keeping in mind their weekly shift schedules.

Payment Portal

Our payment portal allows the employers and other social service agencies to subsidize costs of transportation.

QRyde’s key features for Shuttles

Reporting Engine

Allows users to create both re-occurring and ad-hoc reports for both power users as well as the occasional user and can integrate with other current reporting tools as needed.

Mobile Data Solutions

Tablet-based, real time dispatching capabilities on our cloud platform to make your operations more efficient and transparent resulting in better outcome management.


Scheduling Engine

Allows for weekly ride booking based on shift schedules provided by employers.

Vendor Options

Both monthly and immediate options available utilizing QRyde’s cashless fares via Electronic Payment System (EPS) which seamlessly manages funding sources and payment approvals.

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