Community Transportation Association of America (CTAA) Expo is the main annual training and networking event for the community and public transportation workers hosted by the CTAA. Many participants participate in important learning and networking opportunities and the attendees learn about cutting-edge technology, workforce development, communication techniques, funding, and legislation from speakers and seminars.

QRyde™ being a leading transit service provider was also part of CTAA between the dates _ and _. We had a terrific response from both old clients and new prospects. We are a community-driven transportation platform bringing Providers, Communities, and Riders together. QRyde provides solutions for community transportation, NEMT, elderly and disabled providers, coordinators, and brokers. QRyde’s shared-ride scheduling technology serves the health care, education, public transit, employment, and international markets. For more information, please visit Many elements were in CTAA Expo such as:

  • The National Community Transportation Roadeo: where drivers compete from all across the country to discover who the best is.
  • Conference Intensive Sessions: One, two, or three-day sessions in which a single topic is thoroughly covered.
  • Mobility Management Day: One day dedicated aside for mobility managers to meet, learn about, and debate the most recent developments in the sector.
  • Tribal Transit Conference: A special two-day conference concentrating on tribal transit’s particular demands and concerns.
  • General Sessions: Informative workshops with an emphasis on new projects and advancements.
  • Workshop Sessions: Shorter seminars aimed at equipping participants with the information and skills needed to survive in today’s rapidly changing world.
  • Trade Fair: The community transportation industry’s largest annual trade exhibition.
  • Networking: There are several social activities, lunches, and other chances for attendees to network and learn from their colleagues during the EXPO.
  • The objective of CTAA was to make EXPO inexpensive and accessible to everybody. As a result, several alternative registration choices at various pricing ranges were created.
  • EXPO Conference: General Sessions, Trade Fair, Workshops, and Social Events.
  • EXPO Conference Plus: All the events that are mentioned above plus conference intensive or Mobility Management Event.
  • Intensive: Tribal Conference, Intensive Session, or Mobility Management event only.
  • A trade display featuring all of the newest community transportation items and services was also part of the EXPO.
  • QRyde thanks CTAA for organizing this event. Our heartily thanks to new and old clients for such a positive reaction. If you missed us there, you may still talk to us using this link