Regional Coordination

Integrative ride coordination system based on inter-agency collaborative communication and cost allocation technology – removing boundaries between transportation providers of a region.


Expanded Coverage

Regional Transportation Providers can utilize QRyde to share their vehicles to provide expanded coverage without increasing their costs as they can transfer riders to other agencies’ vehicles with ease.

Trip Coordination


QRyde utilizes proprietary ride coordination technology that splits the long rides into individual legs for each of the participating providers and allocates mileage and fares appropriately. Schedule and coordinate long-distance and out of county demand-response trips by simple point and click instead of calling and sending emails.


Funding and Allocation

QRyde enables rides from different funding sources (ex. Medicaid and Paratransit) to be coordinated on the same vehicles and enables appropriate cost-allocation based on funding source rules.

QRyde’s key features for Regional Coordination

Farecard Management Stystem

Allows riders to communicate via smartphone to pay for their long-distance and out of country trips. The in-vehicle App helps drivers charge appropriate fares and know the transfer points for the riders.

Consumer Ride Booking Portal

Enables any qualified rider in the entire region to request a ride via our web portal, that spans multiple agency jurisdictions.

Mobile App

Enables drivers to communicate via in-vehicle tablets with their agency and other agencies when transporting long distance and out of county riders. Tablets also relay their location to all concerned providers.

Reporting Dashboard

Allows regional coordinators the ability to view customized performance and quality of service data by agency and county. The dashboard provides operating characteristics for the entire system helping managers make data-driven policy and strategic decisions, in real-time.


What People Are Saying

We have been very impressed with HBSS capabilities to do regional coordination and have, based on the knowledge gained from our HBSS experience, bid and been recently awarded a Veterans Transportation and Community Living Initiative Grant.

Kim Angel

Director, Macon Transit Authority, Franklin, NC

The system raises our efficiency because we can track our drivers and it cuts down on radio traffic. The operators (drivers) took to the tablets quicker than expected (2 weeks). Customers are benefiting from the software because they are more timely. The system is very user friendly and it is very easy to learn.

Mike Catuto

Cherokee County Transit

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