Futurize your Transit Operation with QRyde’s Transportation Scheduling Platform

The QRyde Scheduling Platform was created to maximize the efficiency of any transportation system. With a built-in Artificial Intelligence platform and sophisticated data management capabilities, QRyde is a first-class, cloud-based transportation management solution.

QRyde is designed to streamline your operations from any device, whether you coordinate rides in-house or use a third-party contractor. QRyde Cloud offers app-based ride-booking, call center optimization, competitive bidding options, shared ride cost-sharing, and more!

20+ States

4500+ Cities

over 9M Rides





over 90 Million


Benefits of Using QRyde

With features like automated scheduling, electronic payments, and advanced data integration, you can capture and analyze all the data you need for every vehicle, including trip performance, ride utilization, runs per hour, driver performance and more.

Our transit experts will work with you to understand your current challenges and goals, to customize a demo that will address your unique needs.

Links All Data

QRyde seamlessly links all data elements in the
entire system, completely eliminating the need for data integration efforts.

Auto Scheduling

QRyde’s lightning fast automatic scheduling and high resolution mapping technology analyze real time capacity, traffic information and wheelchair accessibility options.



QRyde embeds bluetooth to connect various
sensors on the vehicle and also brings IoT initiatives where data from tablets (GPS/AVL) and vehicle computers (OBD II) can be seamlessly accessed across the entire system.


Connected Vehicle

QRyde Cloud is also fully integrated with connected vehicle architecture and can exchange data with roadside sensors.


Electronic Payment

QRyde Cloud can integrate with all forms of electronic payment systems and is designed to provide a totally cash-less travel experience.



QRyde Cloud is currently being integrated with unmanned aerial vehicles, self-driving vehicles and block-chain technologies.



QRyde has a built-in multi-modal travel
interface that when combined with it’s Transportation as a Service platform, can be used to implement local or regional Mobility as a Service (MaaS).


Cost Effective

QRyde brings these enormous capabilities at cost effective prices by offering universal access to shared pools of configurable system resources that can be rapidly provisioned with minimal management effort over Internet or intranet.


Ready for a Live Demo?

Our transit experts will work with you to understand your current challenges and goals, to customize a demo that will address your unique needs.

During the live Demo the expert will:

1. Demonstrate how easy it is to navigate the system

2. Show how easily you can track your drivers and ride status

3. Teach you how to customize modules to fit your needs

4. Demonstrate how quickly an account can be created in the mobile app 

5. Answer any questions that will help you get started

Talk to one of our experts to learn how QRyde can help your organization!

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