Recently the St. Clair County Transit District board approved the SCCTD Transit vision 2020 Network Plan. With an operating budget of $29.6 million, it aims at increasing the ridership and serving riders better on its existing metrobus routes. SCCTD has an ongoing commitment to serve traditional communities reliant upon public transportation and is focused on serving employment, medical, education, and recreation centers.

With 4.8 million rides in Illinois the SCCTD provides and manages transportation services for the fifteen townships within the district. It has been relentlessly providing public transportation and connecting facilities with its 8 metrobus, 20 miles of metrolink track and 11 miles of metro bike link trail throughout Belleville, Canteen, Caseyville, Centreville, East St. Louis, Engelmann, Lebanon, Mascoutah, O’Fallon, St. Clair, Shiloh Valley, Smithon, Stites, Stookey, Sugarloaf.

Under the new plan, SCCTD has upgraded its call-a-ride service with QRyde by HBSS. This service aims to provide curb to curb community service for senior citizens as well as specially abled people. QRyde by HBSS has forged relationships with local transportation providers as well as the paratransit alternative transportation service  so one can now easily plan the rides to work, play or anywhere with confidence. It’s been a year to this wonderful partnership in plan operating and managing over 47 vehicles and 73 operators. 

QRyde has been offering paratransit, on demand and fixed route services with multiple fare structures, easy booking and cancellation facilities, and prompt customer support to the people throughout the 15 township.