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Tupelo Transit of Mississippi has been running a 13-month QRyde pilot funded by city, and an MDOT grant in partnership with CTAA. The goal was to make transportation more accessible and user friendly – by allowing riders to track their rides, get reminders, and notification – in order to reduce no-shows and increase transportation efficiencies. Our app initially helped riders to track their new fixed-route public transit busses (launched in September 2018) and has now morphed into a newer, on-demand model which began July 1, 2019.

For more information about the current program and how to participate, visit:

The QRyde app can be downloaded from either the iOS or Android App Store. The on-demand pilot program is now being rolled out to other cities and counties in the state of Mississippi. Please contact your local transit authority for more information.

Here are a few news articles chronicling the the pilot program.


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