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Why QRyde?

Optimize Your Operations

  • Real-Time Automated Dispatching helps relieve the stresses of dispatch operations
  • Continuous Mode Schedule Optimizations give you accurate and efficient schedules even with On-demand trips
  • Billing information automatically collected post trip to ensure accuracy for all contracts
  • Provide dispatchers greater control over their rides and enable them to re-route and alert the riders accordingly

Energize Routes & Schedules

  • Schedule trips autonomously, semi-autonomously based on accurate data from GSE (Global Scheduling Engine)
  • Ask S.A.M trip finds best placement in the schedule for special / unique trips
  • Tablet-based QRyde for Drivers app lets drivers confidently and safely perform trips
  • Dispatch based on real-time information and know your true operational efficiencies at any given time

Empowering Consumers

  • Book single or recurring Trips vai QRyde for Riders mobile app or consumer portal
  • Flexible payment options in-office or on-vehicle contactless payments such as fare cards
  • View and share schedule updates via “where’s my ride” feature

Streamlined Reporting & Billing

  • Provide all regulatory reports such as NTD, NEMT, and Special state
  • API integrations with all major medicaid brokers makes automated billing simple
  • Invoice contracts and private consumers alike
  • Hundreds of included reports and AD HOC reporting option

Proudly Serving

ADA / Paratransit

NEMT Providers

Medical Transportation Brokers

Community & Rural



With QRyde, you can

Help more people

  • Improve client enrollment and eligibility discrimination
  • Increase trip bookings
  • improve communication and reduce complaints

Improve ride education

  • Educate riders on how to use the website and mobile app
  • Help them find video training resources

Optimize Operations

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • On-time performance
  • Driver productivity
  • Driver supervision

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